4 Simple Ways To Ease Your Child's Anxiety About The Move

When you are planning on moving to a new city or even a new state, it can be hard on your children. They might be moving from their friends who live on the same street or changing to a new school. A lot of changes this quick are difficult for many children. Here are some ways you can help ease their anxiety about the move.

Be Honest From the Start

Don't try to hide the fact that you are moving for as long as possible because you think your child will suffer for a longer period of time. Children are intuitive and will notice something is different. If they see that you have been slowly getting rid of old furniture or that you and your spouse are having a lot of quiet conversations, they will assume something is wrong and already be anxious. As soon as you know about the move, let your child know about it. Be positive about the move, never laying too heavily on how upsetting it will be. When you talk to your child, let them know you understand it is a big change for them and be open and willing to talk about it any time they want.

Highlight the New Home and Location

If your child dwells too much about what they are leaving behind, it can cause a lot more stress and worry. Instead of doing that, keep reminding them about what they are gaining by the move. Perhaps the new move allows them to have their own room instead of sharing with a sibling, or you will have a swimming pool in the backyard. If there are new attractions or activities close by that you don't have at your current home, explain that as well. A child that is moving from a small town with one park to a big city with amusement parks, zoos, or museums will certainly get excited about it.

Don't Let Realtors Show the Home When the Child is Home

When you have a child that is especially sensitive or anxious about moving, it can be hard on them to see realtors in their home and other families touring the home. Try to schedule open houses for when your child is not home. Have them during the week when your child is at school, or schedule some over the weekend when your child is spending time at their friend's house or at grandma's for the day.

For more advice on preparing for a move, contact moving companies in your area.