Important Steps To Prepare Your Business's Computer Equipment For Moving

No matter what industry you operate within, your computers and other network equipment are vital parts of your business's success. When you are moving from one location to another, ensuring that this equipment arrives in good condition is imperative. Although the moving company you partner with will be responsible for the actual transporting process, it's your responsibility to prepare your computer equipment for moving day – here are some tips.

Data Backup

The period just before moving represents an excellent time to perform a data backup. While technology is an amazing and reliable resource, this doesn't mean the inevitable can't happen. If you're anything like the average business, you have important financial records, contact information and a host of other details saved on this equipment.

In the event there is an unforeseen mishap during the moving process or if some other internal issue should occur, you can have the confidence that all your important data and records are safe. Depending on your equipment, you can perform this backup with a stand-alone hard drive or cloud service.

Equipment Walk-through

Make sure you schedule an appointment with the moving company to perform an equipment walk-through. This is a vital step in protecting your equipment. As part of the walk-through, a moving company representative will look over the equipment that you need to move. This allows them to ensure they have both the necessary boxes and shipping equipment, such as Styrofoam, to make certain your equipment is packed as safely as possible and is protected during the transport process.

Some companies might only ask you what type of equipment you have, but an actual walk-through is generally a better option.  

Equipment Cleaning

It's also a good idea to clean your computer equipment before moving. Through daily use, dust can collect within the internal components of your equipment, such as near the fan area. During the moving process, your equipment will be shifted and rotated quite frequently. This motion could cause the excess dust to settle deep within your equipment, where it can cause significant, if not permanent damage.

Taking some time to clean the equipment beforehand can help you avoid this process. If you don't have anyone on your staff skilled at performing this step, it's best to contact a professional.

When you pair your commitment to preparing your computer equipment with the skill and professionalism of a moving company, you can have greater confidence that your equipment will arrive in good condition. Make certain you are doing your part. To find out more, speak with a business like Christos & Christos Moving and Storage.