Extend The Life Of Your Power Wheels By Storing It Properly

Power Wheels vehicles are a ton of fun for young kids. Unfortunately, these machines aren't a small investment and must be cared for properly so that they will last many years with few issues. When the fair weather seasons come to an end, or you want to store the vehicle for a younger sibling, you must prepare and store the vehicle the right way.

Battery Care

Replacing the battery isn't exactly cheap, usually about $50 or more, so you want to be sure to take care of the battery while the vehicle is being used and while you have it stored.

When your child is using the Power Wheels, you want to make sure to charge the battery for no more than 24 hours. Unlike typical battery chargers, Power Wheels chargers aren't equipped with an automatic shut-off system. Charging the battery longer than 24 hours will cause damage to the internal battery cells.

After your child is done riding for the day or for the next several months, charge the battery for about 12 hours and then unplug the charger and disconnect it from the battery. Don't connect the battery to the vehicle or it will slowly drain the charge in the battery. If the vehicle isn't being used often or is being stored long-term, don't neglect the battery. Every few months, recharge the battery to ensure that it maintains a charge until you are ready to use it again. Don't store the battery in an area that will be exposed to extreme high and low temperatures. This will destroy the battery very quickly. Instead, store it somewhere in your home or basement. If it will be stored in a storage unit, make sure to find a unit that is climate-controlled.

Vehicle Care

To store the vehicle for a few months, there is little to do thankfully. Simply give it a good cleaning and let it dry. Spray a little bit of WD-40 on the metal parts to protect it from rust, and tuck it away somewhere safe, dry, and out of the sun.

If you are storing the vehicle for a few years while you wait for a younger sibling to grow into it, you should take a few extra steps before putting it in storage. Clean it and treat the metal components as you would for short storage, but also fill nylon stockings with some mothballs and hang one from the handlebars or steering wheel and another from the axle in the rear end. This will help to keep rodents and insects away from it while it is being stored.

Since these machines are quite large, so a storage unit rental, like South Town Storage, may be a great solution for keeping it safe and out of the way until it is ready to be used again. Talk with your local storage facility to learn of the rates and options you have to choose from.