Four Moving Tips For College Students

If you are moving in or out of a college town rental, there are some strategies that can make this process less painful. College towns have different rental environment with their own nuances that need to be thought through. Here are four moving strategies that can help college students get through the process successfully.

1. Get Started Early

The thing about moving in college is that everyone is usually moving in and out around the same time. Anything that you can do to get local moving companies set up well in advance, the better. Don't wait until the last minute to move out as dumpsters will be full and you will be hard pressed to find free boxes. If you can get started on the process early, you'll have more time to pack strategically.

2. Think About Storage Over the Summer

If you are moving home or traveling for the summer, you might not need move your things out of town completely. Packing your things up, bringing these home, and then bringing your stuff all back to your college town again in the fall might be more work than is needed. If you can pack up the things you will need for the following school year and get these in a storage unit, everything will be ready to unpack in the fall.

3. Labels When Moving Out of a Shared Home

Moving in college can be fluid in shared living situations, and people might be coming and going throughout the school year. If you are moving out of a home where others will be sticking around, be sure to make your items clearly marked for movers. Get all of your things as close to the entryway way as possible. Clearly mark items that might be questionable with labels stating 'STAY' or 'MOVE' to help local moving services with the process.

4. Measure Your New Space

Sometimes apartments and rooms in college towns take the term 'small space living' to the next level. While you might have a positive outlook on a cramped space, reality might hit you hard if your couch or bed doesn't even fit into the entryway. Measure hallways, bedrooms, and living areas before you have the movers show up to ensure your current furnishings will fit.

College housing can have some unique aspects that only those who have lived through it can understand. If you are moving off campus and into your own living situation, try to go into this with open eyes and be strategic throughout your move. Contact a local moving company, like Walsh Moving & Storage or a similar business, for more tips and information.