Kitchen And Bedrooms – Packing Tips To Expedite The Process

Moving takes a lot of planning and time. Unfortunately, not every move allows for weeks of planning and packing before the truck pulls up to the house to get loaded. So, how do you get all of your stuff ready for the move in just a few short days? Here you will learn a few tips that can help you get it all done quickly.

Kitchen Supplies

Packing up everything in the kitchen can be one of the most time consuming steps in moving. All of those breakable items must be carefully packed to ensure they arrive at the new home in one piece.

Tip 1: Use Styrofoam Plates – Instead of standing at the counter for an hour wrapping each plate in newspaper before carefully placing it in the box, get a pack of cheap Styrofoam plates and layer one Styrofoam plate between each glass plate. This will provide the plates with the cushioning they need but save you a whole lot of time.

Tip 2: Use Bottle Beer Boxes – These boxes have dividers already built into them. You can slide your glasses right down into each slot and have them stay in place during the move. This is much faster than trying to wrap each one individually.

Tip 3: Use Plastic Wrap – If you have a silverware organizer in the drawer, lift it out and wrap the entire unit with plastic wrap. This will keep all of the silverware in place and organized during the move.


Do you really want to spend days going through all of the clothes in the dressers and closets? Sure, if you haven't gone through them in a while, it might be good to go through them and get rid of the things that aren't needed or worn, but you really don't need to do much with your clothes.

Tip 1: Leave the Drawers Full – No reason to pull all of the clothes out of the drawers just to put them in boxes. Just before the move, use plastic wrap to wrap the dressers to keep the drawers from sliding open while being moved. This way, when you get to the new home, you simply have to remove the plastic wrap and you're done.

Tip 2: Use Large Boxes for Hung Clothing – Anything that is hung up in your closet doesn't have to be removed from the hangers, folded, put in a box and then pressed and rehung when you get to your new home. Instead, get large boxes and some PVC piping. Cut two holes in two sides of the box and slide the PVC pipe through them. Hang the clothes on the pipe and tape the box closed. Mark the box which side needs to remain upwards and you're done.

These tips can help reduce the time it takes to get things ready for the movers. Hopefully, your move will go smoothly and your packing and unpacking process will be expedited and easy. To learn more, contact a moving services company.