When To Consider A Packing Service When Moving

A full-service move can make the process much easier, but it's not for everyone. If you need to save some cash, then you may be thinking of skipping the packing service. The fact is that you don't have to have the packers box up everything. Taking advantage of professional packing for some items can still make your move easier, but it won't cost as much as having your entire home packed.

Kitchen And Bedrooms – Packing Tips To Expedite The Process

Moving takes a lot of planning and time. Unfortunately, not every move allows for weeks of planning and packing before the truck pulls up to the house to get loaded. So, how do you get all of your stuff ready for the move in just a few short days? Here you will learn a few tips that can help you get it all done quickly. Kitchen Supplies Packing up everything in the kitchen can be one of the most time consuming steps in moving.

Self-Storage Tips To Help Minimize Moisture Damage

By providing storage space on an as-needed basis, self-storage facilities (such as Koch St Mini Storage) usually take away most of the stress that accompanies the moving process. Add to this the fact that the storage space usually comes with added benefits such as 24-hour security and it is easy to understand why demand for these units has been on a consistent rise.   However, packing as much property as you can in a limited space that is not under your complete control can expose it to a number of risks.

Tips For Successfully Dealing With Your Family Dog During A Move

One of the benefits of hiring a moving company (such as Wheaton World Wide Moving) for your upcoming household move is that the crew can take care of the labor-intensive tasks while you handle a broad assortment of other duties. Among these tasks is taking care of your family dog and ensuring that the moving day passes with as little stress as possible for your pet. While it's ideal to think about dropping off your dog at a family member's house for the day, this isn't always possible.

Four Moving Tips For College Students

If you are moving in or out of a college town rental, there are some strategies that can make this process less painful. College towns have different rental environment with their own nuances that need to be thought through. Here are four moving strategies that can help college students get through the process successfully. 1. Get Started Early The thing about moving in college is that everyone is usually moving in and out around the same time.

Extend The Life Of Your Power Wheels By Storing It Properly

Power Wheels vehicles are a ton of fun for young kids. Unfortunately, these machines aren't a small investment and must be cared for properly so that they will last many years with few issues. When the fair weather seasons come to an end, or you want to store the vehicle for a younger sibling, you must prepare and store the vehicle the right way. Battery Care Replacing the battery isn't exactly cheap, usually about $50 or more, so you want to be sure to take care of the battery while the vehicle is being used and while you have it stored.

3 Tips For Safe Winter Moving

Moving to a new home can be stressful in the best of weather, but moving in winter comes with its own unique set of stress-inducing factors that must be addressed. If you are planning to make a move during the winter months, here are three tips that you can use to ensure your move goes safely in the future. 1. Make sure you provide traction. Sidewalks, driveways, and other surfaces can become dangerous to walk on when cool temperatures set in.

Tips For Packing And Storing Vinyl Records

When it comes to preserving your vinyl record collection long-term, it's important that you pack them carefully. If you have never stored vinyl records before, you may not know the correct techniques to keep them preserved. Here are a few great tips to help you get the most from your records. Clean Them First Vinyl records should be cleaned before they're stored because any dirt, oil or debris on the surface can deteriorate the records quickly.

Avoid Injuries While Moving With These 3 Tips

You probably don't think of a household move as an especially dangerous endeavor, but the truth is, there are all sorts of possible accidents and injuries that can occur while you're packing, loading, and moving. And because you may be stressed out or pressed for time when you're in the middle of moving, you may not be as careful as you would have been otherwise. Take a look at some tips that can help keep you safe while you're moving into your new home.

Items You May Want To Hire Special Moving Services For

Once you make the decision to move out of your house or apartment and into another, there are a myriad of other steps, choices, and decisions to make before the process is complete. Among those many decisions to make is how you are going to get all of your possessions from point "a" to point "b." After all, the things you own vary in size, shape, heaviness, fragility, and value. While there are some of these items that you can safely and easily move yourself, there are other possessions that you may want to hire special moving services for.

Four Big Mistakes That Prevent You From Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

If you're in need of some extra storage space, renting a storage unit is a great option. Of course, you want to get the most out of the time and the effort you put into your unit. If you're looking for some simple ways you can increase the benefits of renting a storage unit, it's important to be aware of a few mistakes you could be making. The following are four mistakes to avoid that prevent those renting storage facilities from getting as much as they possible can out of their units:

Three Options For Local Moving

When you are moving across town, you might think that you and a rag-tag band of weekend warriors are up to the task. While your charge for using your friends and neighbors might be a few bottles of water and a platter of cookies, you get better guarantee of quality from professional movers.  Weekend Warriors When you enlist your friends to help you move, you would hope that they would care about keeping your belongings safe, but this is not necessarily always the case.

3 Tips to Help You Prepare to Move

Are you ready to pack up your house and move to a different state in the least stressful way possible? Unless you intend on hiring processionals to do the packing on your behalf, it is in your best interest to properly prepare if you want to make the moving process faster. Take a look at the article below for a few helpful tips that can come in handy during the process of moving out of state.

Important Steps To Prepare Your Business's Computer Equipment For Moving

No matter what industry you operate within, your computers and other network equipment are vital parts of your business's success. When you are moving from one location to another, ensuring that this equipment arrives in good condition is imperative. Although the moving company you partner with will be responsible for the actual transporting process, it's your responsibility to prepare your computer equipment for moving day – here are some tips.

Using Storage When Combining Households

Moving in with a new spouse can be exciting, especially if this is a fresh start later on in life. Whether couples are individually coming from breakups, larger homes, or just have a lot of things, storage can make moving in less stressful. Here are three ways storage units can help couples moving in together find happiness with a new beginning. 1. The Best of Both Worlds If you and your new spouse are combining two separate homes, you might have duplicates of many items.

4 Simple Ways To Ease Your Child's Anxiety About The Move

When you are planning on moving to a new city or even a new state, it can be hard on your children. They might be moving from their friends who live on the same street or changing to a new school. A lot of changes this quick are difficult for many children. Here are some ways you can help ease their anxiety about the move. Be Honest From the Start